The Internet started as a military network before it evolved into an academic and commercial network. It was built during the Cold War, and the protocols were designed so that they could keep working even in the event that parts of the network were destroyed by a nuclear attack.

—Daniel López Ridruejo

It’s no secret that the mass media have always been “weapons of mass deception,” rather than the purveyors of facts and Truth® they disingenuously claim to be. What they sell to the complacent public is propaganda based upon fear, uncertainty and doubt, with a few dashes of chaos and innuendo for good measure. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why, with each and every passing year, more and more people drift away from the yellow journalism of The Associated Press, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Gawker, Guardian, Times of London, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Sky News, The Atlantic, National Geographic… the list goes on and on, but these are by far the very worst offenders. Like the disgusting sex offenders and political mass murderers these media outlets so often defend and glorify, they are hopelessly addicted to evil and inhumanity, to such an extent that they can never be cured of their illness.

The British media and government, in particular, have elevated such bombastic insanities to an art form, pioneering the use of historical and linguistic revisionism to condition the masses and control public opinion. One of the most blatant examples of this strategy has been the many decades-long policy regarding the usage of the term “Persian Gulf.” The style guides of all UK government, military, academic and media institutions explicitly prohibit the use of “Persian Gulf,” instead requiring the “neutral” term, “the Gulf.” This is due to the ridiculous attempts of hardline Arab nationalists (beginning with Gamel Abdel Nasser) and Wahhabi dynasties to coerce the international community to “rename” the Persian Gulf to “Arabian Gulf.” This is in spite of the fact that at no time in history has that body of water ever been referred in any way, shape or form as “Arabian.”

Such absurd historical revisionism and denialism has since come to infect American institutions, and in a far worse way, with the US military and its affiliated media outlets not only banning use of the term “Persian Gulf” in favor of “Arabian Gulf,” which has led to absurdities where military “journalists” have become so confused, they are longer even able to maintain any sense of consistency in their publications. In this regard, the US military has far surpassed the Royal Navy in its aggressive crusade to exterminate Persian civilization on behalf of the Wahhabi terrorists ruling Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. And this campaign of forced Arabization of geography and history is only going to get worse.

Now, as laughably stupid as all of that is, the politics motivating such insanity is, at the very least, understandable and predictable. With all the problems facing the world today, and all the endless wars, famine and genocide that are being imposed upon the developing world by globalist regimes, you wouldn’t think that extending this revisionist agenda to Internet terminology would be high on the mass media’s list of of priorities. Yet, that’s exactly what is happening now with the crusade to uncapitalize the very name of the Internet itself. There is even a Wikipedia article about this manufactured “controversy.”

It all began with the British media as part of an effort to obfuscate and minimize the American origins of the Internet and the fact that it is still very much controlled by the US military-industrial complex and intelligence community, with the National Security Agency (NSA) at the very top of this hierarchy and maintaining near absolute control over the Internet backbone in violation of US and international law. For many years the existence of this scheme was denied by the government and its mass media partners, and derided as paranoid conspiracy theory. That is, until Edward Snowden happened and singlehandedly proved the existence of this massive conspiracy with an unprecedented amount of concrete evidence that utterly humiliated the establishment and revealed to what extent the mass media have been complicit in these global data-mining operations.

Mangling, misusing and mutilating language has been a tried-and-true tactic of imperialism since the days of the British Raj and the racial theorists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and was a fundamental principle of the colonial “divide-and-conquer” strategy. As George Orwell demonstrated so clearly in Nineteen-Eighty Four, the key to enslaving the masses is to make them stupid and complacent through the destruction of proper language and redefining existing terms to conform to the state agenda. It is a form of forced re-education, which the Maoist theorists of the People’s Republic of China referred to as “brainwashing.”

As Vint Cerf has made clear, those who insist on lowercasing the term Internet (“internet”) have no understanding of technology and the history of computer networking. The so-called “journalists” and bloggers of the mass media are utterly stupid and uneducated when it comes to science, technology and linguistics. They have no understanding of history and deliberately ignore or even deny facts outright in order to push their social agenda.

But what does Vint Cerf know, right? After all, he’s just some “old white guy,” and the mentally defective mass media and their pundits love to heap scorn and hatred upon anyone they define as an “old white man” including all those who helped build our global energy, communications and industrial infrastructures, not to mention so many other things we take for granted every single day of our lives.

Case in point, the generic form of the term “internet” refers specifically to “internetworking,” while “Internet” refers to the global network of networks that began as ARPANET and ultimately evolved into the Internet as we know and experience it today. However, as anyone who has been involved with the Internet since the 1970s and 1980s will attest, the generic usage of “internet” in reference to “internetworking” is so exceedingly rare that virtually no examples of this usage can even be found in networking texts and protocol standards of the past. This is basic and fundamental, yet the mass media outlets and bloggers pushing the lowercasing of “internet” deliberately ignore such facts and are so stubborn about it that they have gone to great lengths to use “internet” simply to annoy the hell out of Internet pioneers and standards organizations. One can only come to the conclusion that they are mentally defective and are unable to understand the differentiation between “internet” and “Internet.” Stupid is as stupid does.

It’s really very simple. There is only one Internet, which is the global network connecting all the regional and continental subnetworks spread out across the planet together, and in the near future will also expand into outer space. Not a single technologist involved with the design and development of Internet standards and architecture has ever referred to the numerous subnetworks comprising the Internet as “internets.” That the braindead idiots in mass media trolling the public actually believe the term “internets” was ever in common usage demonstrates just how hilariously pathetic and irrational they are. Their zealousness is to such an extreme that proponents of lowercasing are changing any and all instances of “Internet” to “internet,” not just on their own sites and blogs, but everywhere and anywhere they are able to get away with it, most notably on Wikipedia, which has led to articles becoming even more inconsistent and confused than they already were. This is in spite of the fact that Wikipedia guidelines conform to the Chicago Manual of Style which requires capitalizing “Internet.” However, any attempts to fix these inconsistencies will invariably result in reversion wars, which has driven away more than a few veteran editors over the years.

Essentially, usage of “internet(s)” is equivalent to wearing a T-shirt which proclaims to the world in bold lettering, “I’m with stupid.”

To be clear, any “journalist” or media outlet that uses “internet” rather than “Internet” can be reliably written off as a shameless and unethical purveyor of “fake news ” and “alternative facts,” all of it intended to dumb down and infantilize the public and lull them into submission and complacency. We are today living in the future dystopia that Orwell feared would inevitably come to pass, and this is only the very beginning. The only way governments and mass media can control people is to overwhelm them with lies based upon lies to the point where it becomes impossible to objectively determine what is factual and what is not. This is the insidious monoculture that they’ve been desperately trying to impose on all of us.

In the end they will fail miserably, because every second of our lives today in this absurd Bizarro version of “reality” is a red pill moment against the social poisons of conformity and complacency. For our part, we refuse to do business with any organization or institution that chooses to use the revisionist “internet(s)” instead of “Internet,” and we encourage anyone who gives a damn about the cultural integrity and consistency of the English language to do so as well.

The absurdities become even more obvious when you contrast “Internet” with “Matrix.” In the universe of that film, there is only one Matrix, and as such, it is always capitalized. There are no other matrices except for the one. Likewise, there is only one Earth, and only one Universe. There is only one global network called the “Internet,” which like the Universe is continually expanding and assimilating every subnetwork that it comes into contact with. It is this very nature of how the Internet operates that has convinced many futurists that singularity will be achieved once the Internet has assimilated all forms of information and communication throughout the Universe, to the point where there is nothing that the Internet has not already assimilated. It is at that stage of its evolution that futurists believe will inevitably lead to total omnipotence through awareness of itself as the ultimate repository of all human knowledge and experience.

Stalinist tactics of revising, rewriting and denying history and language is straight out of the nightmare regimes of THX-1138, Nineteen-Eighty Four and Brave New World. That is a future no sane person would ever want

The downward spiral always begins with the degeneration and corruption of language. As individual human beings capable of reason and rational thought, we all have the power to stop it.