Lexander Magazine and the Lexander Company + Organization condemn in the strongest possible terms the virulent and viciously misogynistic and anti-religious attacks against Representative Tulsi Gabbard, who is a decorated and highly respected veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Unlike her most vicious attackers at the faux armchair “progressives” at Jacobin Magazine and tabloid gossip pundit Yashar Ali Hedayat, California Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as the rest of the warmongering reactionary Hillary Clinton faction of the Democratic Party — none of whom have served in the Armed Forces and all of whom have supported genocidal neoconservative interventionism in Yemen and the Ukraine, regime change wars in Libya, Syria and currently agitating for all-out war against Iran — Tulsi Gabbard has consistently advocated against war, regime change, and US imperialist expansionism. It is not without irony that most of Gabbard’s most vicious and violent attackers are self-proclaimed “progressive” men of privilege and wealth, like Yashar Ali Hedayat and the numerous male chauvinists who dominate Jacobin and The New York Times.

Tulsi Gabbard is the only US politician to have the courage to stand up and condemn both the psychopath neocons in the Republican Party and the neoliberals in the Democratic Party who are all shamelessly supporting the bloodthirsty genocidal efforts of the Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Mike Pence faction to ignite World War III and destroy Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Russia through the illegal arming and financing of Al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL.

It is no secret that the Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo Axis of Evil — who comprise a de facto fifth column within the Trump administration — have done everything in their power to derail and destroy the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and destroy his credibility among US voters and ruin his bid for re-election. Thus far, President Trump has been able to keep the Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo Axis of Evil in check by pushing for funding construction of the Southern Border Wall, which makes it impossible for these fifth columnists and traitors to continue their genocidal wars against the rest of the civilized world due to the deescalation of regime change efforts in Syria and diverting war funding toward the Border Wall. But these men will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump and destroy the lives of billions of innocent civilians the world over.

The only sane and rational alternative to this political insanity in Washington is Tulsi Gabbard, who as a veteran of the Armed Forces knows full well and first hand the horrors of war. She is a true patriot and the single most honest and courageous politician in Washington.

Ever since her vocal support for the release of journalist Julian Assange and the transparency advocated by WikiLeaks, both the Republican and Democratic political machines have escalated their attacks against her, going so far as to attack her Vedic Hindu faith and religious commitment to the universal Dharmic values and virtues of the Vedas.

The ancient Vedic religion — as with its Iranian counterpart, the Avestan religion of the Prophet Zarathustra (often called Zoroastrianism or Zarathustrianism) — is one of universal peace and coexistence of all human beings of all faiths and creeds in harmony.

Can the same be said of all these psychopaths in Washington who so proudly proclaim themselves as “Christian”? How can anyone who adheres to Christianity be in favor of war, genocide and global imperialism? The fact is, there are no true Christians in Washington. Anyone who is sincerely Christian cannot, by virtue of their faith, advocate for offensive or pre-emptive war, regime change, genocide, surveillance regimes, and imperialism.

If you care about the future of our world and want to see an end to new regime change wars, global imperialism and surveillance regimes, the entire destruction of societies, and the resurgence of US-supported genocides against Shia Muslims, Christians, Yazidi/Yarsan Kurds, and Vedic Hindus as well as other religious minorities and LGBTQ peoples in Eurasia, support Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

A vote for Tulsi Gabbard is a vote against war, imperialism, regime change, surveillance states, and global genocides, and ultimately, World War III.