There is a specter haunting the corridors of the ruling oligarchies of the Great Powers. It is the specter of political transparency, mass media accountability, and military responsibility. The oligarchs that rule over the masses in every single nation-state are opposed to any and all forms of transparency, while the mass media function as propaganda organs of the governments and multinational corporations that own them and dictate their editorial policy. As a result of these insanities, military responsibility and legitimate defense strategy have been jettisoned in favor of chickenhawk warmongering in pursuit of “forever wars” that will continue for decades on end.

The neocon Axis of Evil dominating the foreign policy of the Trump administration — John Bolton, Mike Pence, and Mike Pompeo — in collusion with the terror regimes of Netanyahu of Israel, Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and El-Sisi of Egypt are desperate to ignite a new global conflict between the NATO states, Russia, and China, with Iran being used as the flashpoint. For his part, Donald J. Trump has become the most embattled US president in recent history and has long since conceded all foreign policy and national security concerns to the very same neocon power brokers who sabotaged the administrations of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, all of whom in recent times have received thousands upon thousands of dollars in illegal payments and bribes from the anti-Iranian terrorist entity known as the People’s Mujahedin/Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (which is predominantly ethnic Kurdish, Turkmen, Baloch, and Azeri and promulgates a virulently racist anti-Persian ideology), which is also financed by rogue factions of Israeli intelligence tied to Netanyahu and the genocidal House of Saud.

Their desperation is so extreme that within the space of days they have instituted back-to-back foreign policy blunders: renewing the US commitment to the illegal and genocidal war in Yemen, imposing crippling sanctions on Iran intended to wage vicious economic warfare on the Iranian people (for the supposed reason of forcing them to revolt against their government), illegally labeling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization (a notion which is so absurd that the entire Pentagon and US Intelligence Community has strongly opposed this geostrategically irrational move which endangers US regional operations and attempts to keep Iranian influence in check), and in between all of this arresting Chelsea Manning under false pretenses and placing her under indefinite detention — a blatantly illegal act — as well as breaking the secret agreements with the other members of the UN Security Council and bribing Lenin Moreno to illegally revoke Julian Assange’s asylum, evict him from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and have him arrested by the British police in preparation for extradition to the US.

As we have reminded our readers over the years, the cases surrounding Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden are convoluted to such an extent that not even the global intelligence services, and military-industrial-media-entertainment complex know what the hell is going on exactly. The lack of coordination, cooperation and communication between the NATO states and Anglo-American alliances since the collapse of the USSR has shattered the fascistic agenda of the “New World Order” instituted by George H. W. Bush to establish a US-led unipolar hegemony across the world and furthered by the even more catastrophic “Project for a New American Century.”

In other words, not only does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing, but both are inadvertently sabotaging each other, leaving dozens upon dozens of unresolved conflicts, ongoing regime change wars, and the mass murder of countless millions of civilians by the US and its allies, to say nothing of the massive number of fatalities and paralyzing injuries suffered by frontline US and NATO soldiers, most of whom come from low-income working class backgrounds.

When it comes to war, the oligarchy will never send their own children to be slaughtered on the battlefield. Like the parasites that they are, they aggressively recruit young men and women living in poverty who have no other future to look forward to other than a lifetime of dead-end wage slavery.

None of what has been happening over the past few weeks is coincidental and the timing of the sanctions, threats, and arrests are all connected to the Bolton/Pence/Pompeo agenda. Donald J. Trump has become one of the most embattled presidents in American history, surrounded by enemies, and the men who dominate his foreign policy and national security agendas know that he has virtually no chance of being re-elected and every move they make is being done to ensure he loses in 2020. Furthermore, behind closed doors Trump has continually clashed and engaged in screaming matches with his neocon cabinet members, as well as with the Republican and Democratic power brokers because he is well aware that they have sabotaged his presidency into near oblivion and there is very little he will be able to do to reverse this course. The embattlement of Trump mirrors similar situations faced by JFK, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan during their respective administrations.

JFK tried to end the Cold War and seek a permanent peace with the USSR in the hope of ending all current and future proxy wars — an agenda which was notoriously opposed by Lyndon Johnson and senior members of his cabinet — and he was brutally assassinated for his efforts.

Richard Nixon likewise continually tried to disengage the US from the Vietnam War — again, a move stringently opposed by the chickenhawks and psychopaths surrounding him in the White House, with Henry Kissinger being the most bloodthirsty of all — and ultimately not only succeeded in doing so, but also re-established official diplomatic channels with the People’s Republic of China, which paved the way for the total collapse of Maoism and the ascendency of Deng Xiaoping and his radical market economy reforms which very quickly restored capitalism and in the ensuing years has transformed China into the world’s second most powerful military and economy. For such efforts in opposition to the status quo, Nixon was railroaded by the US Intelligence Community and his presidency and reputation shattered as a result of the Watergate scandal, which was engineered by the key neocons and warmongers in his administration.

Ronald Reagan sought to institute policies to reverse the 1979 Iranian Revolution — which was instigated by the Tudeh Party (the official USSR-backed Communist Party of Iran) and MKO in collusion with the Khomeinists and the Jimmy Carter administration — but was sabotaged by George H.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the other neocon warmongers surrounding him, who coerced and bribed Saddam Hussein to mount a full scale preemptive invasion of Southern Iran, thus ensuring the collapse of the internal Iranian opposition movement (which had gained massive momentum following the illegal seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran orchestrated by the Carter-directed MKO and Soviet-directed Tudeh Party, a move which Khomeini refused to denounce and led to the mass resignation of the democratic and pro-Western Bazargan Provisional Revolutionary Government, leaving the entire country effectively in a state of anarchy until Saddam’s invasion.) To make matters worse, behind Reagan’s back, George H. W. Bush and his neocon sycophants orchestrated the illegal Iran-Contra operation through CIA and Mossad proxies, gambling that covertly supplying Iran with conventional arms while at the same time arming Saddam with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction would result in the mutual destruction of both regimes.

Reagan was also adamantly opposed to the nuclear arms race and like JFK and Nixon, sought a policy of detente and global cooperation, and promoted the Strategic Defense Initiative as an alternative to the endless warmongering and Russia-bashing promoted by the neocons. For these early efforts at genuine reform and global peace, Reagan was nearly assassinated. From that moment on, like Trump today, Reagan fell into line and stopped resisting the neocon agenda.

The presidency of Barack Obama was also subject to similar machinations, having been forced by the Democratic National Committee to appoint the warmongering psychopath Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, who was directly responsible for instigating the “Arab Spring” and the catastrophic regime change wars against Gaddafi and Assad, as well as the betrayal and overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch and reliable US ally for decades. It was not until Clinton was forced out and replaced by John Kerry that the attempts at regime change were abandoned, but it was too late. Not even Chuck Hagel, a highly decorated veteran and one of the most respected and pragmatic politicians in Congress, who was appointed Secretary of Defense in 2013, was able to reverse the catastrophes unleashed by Hillary Clinton and her chickenhawk faction in the DNC.

The brave efforts of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden, all of whom have put their lives and sanity on the line to expose these war criminals and their genocidal crimes against humanity, has forced the US and its NATO allies to scale back their global surveillance regimes as well as the illegal attempts to overthrow Bashar Assad using CIA, Saudi and Mossad-backed jihadist terrorists (from al-Nusra to most ISIS factions, almost all of which have been obliterated by Iran and Hezbollah) and Kurdish separatists like the PKK and the Rojava regime, which promotes an ideology of Kurdish racial supremacy. The PKK and Rojava terrorist regime survives now only due to the limited presence of US Special Forces in Syria and billions of dollars in arms and financing from the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Without US taxpayer funds being used to prop them up, Rojava would collapse within hours due to the regional supremacy of Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf with the full support of Lebanon, Hezbollah, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan, India, among many other states.

There is no escaping the fact that there is no way for the US and NATO to destroy Iran, Russia, and China and that any proxy wars against them will only make them stronger, as was witnessed in the aftermath of the Balkan and Chechen conflicts in the 1990s and early 2000s, which transformed Vladimir Putin from a US and NATO-backed elected president into the strongman of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus who has re-established Russia as a global superpower.

The work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has exposed all of this and more, but again, it is all simply the tip of a much larger iceberg that has yet to be revealed. The Great Powers (the permanent members of the UN Security Council) thought that indefinitely detaining Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy under the false pretense of his having been granted “political asylum” (which has since been proven to have been a sham) would eventually force him to stop resisting and bend the knee, or in the worst case scenario, that he would go insane and commit suicide. When they realized Assange is infinitely patient, does not suffer from suicidal tendencies, and most certainly would never and will never bend the knee to anyone, the plan shifted toward figuring out a way of keeping him indefinitely contained and isolated and the best plan they could come up with was to have Ecuador continue the charade.

What they didn’t count on was that Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo — with the full support of the neocon RNC and the Hillary Clinton faction of the DNC — would go against international consensus and bribe Lenin Moreno — who unlike his predecessor is willing to prostitute himself and his country for cold hard cash — into betraying his own government and evict Assange from the embassy, giving the British police no choice but to break protocol and arrest him (since their round-the-clock presence outside the embassy was a formality and show of force — none of them were likely aware Assange would actually be evicted, which would then require them to take him into custody, making a huge mess for the UK government and security services which already are overburdened with their own internal problems and strife.)

The arrest of Julian Assange and the attempt to have him extradited to the US and indefinitely incarcerated in the ADX Florence Supermax prison complex — like the Unabomber charade and kangaroo court, the US federal authorities will not want to grant him the right to a trial and will use every tactic possible to coerce him into pleading guilty or simply detaining him indefinitely without charge until he “chooses” to submit and obey; however, unlike the Unabomber, Assange has committed no crimes and is being persecuted as a journalist and publisher — is a desperate move by the neocons and Clintonistas to get him to hand over the “keys to Zion,” so to speak, so that they can unlock and decrypt everything WikiLeaks has accumulated over the years and destroy it all in order to cover up their crimes, the scale of which is so unimaginably huge that it would threaten the very existence of the status quo and the stability and security of the global oligarchy.

Chelsea Manning, who is transgender, is essentially being used as a bargaining chip to force Assange into handing over everything they are demanding of him, and in order to drive her toward suicide, she is being prevented access to her hormone and psychiatric medications, the sudden deprivation of which can trigger mental and emotional breakdowns resulting in sudden catastrophic depression and eventually self-destruction. Where exactly are all  the LGBTQ “civil rights” groups in all this and why are they not raising hell about the mistreatment, medical deprivation, and psychological torture of Chelsea Manning? Silence is complicity and the LGBTQ mainstream should be ashamed of themselves and if anything happens to her, they will all have her blood on their hands. It is utterly disgusting and nauseating to the extreme.

As part of these actions against Assange and Manning, independent media outlets and blogs supporting them are being bullied into silence, threatened with having their jobs terminated and sources of income revoked, receiving all manner of intimidation tactics from federal investigators, mainstream “journalists” and all the other forms of gangsterism typical of these criminals. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media giants are deliberately preventing tweets and posts from showing up in search results or are “shadowed” simply for expressing support for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, and other genuine dissidents against the status quo.

Even Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign has been subjected to social media censorship and smear campaigns. Now that Joe Biden has announced his presidential campaign — which he had no choice to do since if didn’t choose to run, we would be subjected to yet another miserable attempt by psychopath Hillary Clinton and four more years of a neocon-dominated Trump administration — he is being subjected to all manner of smears from both the DNC and RNC. To sideline and sabotage the campaigns of Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Biden — the only two viable candidates for the US presidency as far as we are concerned — the DNC is forcing even more throwaway candidates into the mix (Beto O’Rourke being the most ridiculous and absurd thus far), the latest being Bill de Blasio, the incompetent and hopelessly corrupt of Mayor of New York, who is doing an even worse job running NYC into the ground than his billionaire predecessor. Under our current mayor, housing and cost of living in all boroughs of NYC has become even more insanely expensive and homelessness and unemployment is worse now than it ever has been in recent memory.

The mass media are weapons of mass deception. They have no shame and they are nothing more than prostitutes for the oligarchs who claim to be our leaders.

There is no money or profit in telling the truth or revealing the raw facts of our reality. We ourselves know this all too well and we have witnessed the lives of too many around us destroyed and ruined as a result.

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning have sacrificed too much to simply be ignored and forced into state-sponsored vanishment, which will happen if we all continue to accept the lies and deceptions of the status quo.

We all need to wake up.